MODULE URBIO™ Central Address Space

Central Address Space

Module allows:

  • To keep a centralized and accurate database of territorial community addresses
  • To keep a card of each constituent element of the address (city, district, street, house etc.)
  • To maintain information about the historicity and alternative names for each address element
  • To manage requests from local community systems for adding address elements
  • To provide online access to these data for structural departments and businesses

Advantages of the module

Легка інтеграція

Easy integration

This module is built on the principle of “interoperability”, which allows you to quickly and cost-effectively integrate with any systems


The module can be quickly implemented in any city existing addresses

Єдине вікно

Unified registration database

The module provides centralized and reliable maintenance and provision of addresses


Results of implementation:

For the authorities of the territorial community:

  • Centralized management and maintenance of the module of objects addresses
  • Automated process of issuing certificates to individuals and legal entities
  • Ensuring the operation of all information systems of territorial communities with a single and reliable addresses database

For residents and businesses:

  • Ability to obtain the complete and accurate information about the addresses of city objects