MODULE URBIO™ Computer program “Urbio City DWH” (municipal registry)

Computer program "Urbio City DWH" (municipal registry)

Module allows:

  • To consolidate and finalize data from various information systems (administrative, social, educational, medical, etc.) in relation to property, residents and their activities in the territorial community
  • To manage the aggregated profile of each property object (lands, buildings, transports, etc.), the residents' status and their actions (operations)
  • To provide Big data analytics tools and systems for the formation of the different kinds of reports, modeling and forecasting events based on a large array of data (Big Data Analysis)

Advantages of the module

The universal database of residents, city objects, and the information about their activity

Safe and convenient tool to exchange data with structural divisions, government authorities and business

Reliability and high performance by using cutting-edge technologies


Results of implementation:

For the authorities of the territorial community:

  • The complete and reliable information about needs of a territorial community residents
  • The complete and accurate information about the objects of ter. community, their characteristics and possibilities for use
  • Ability to manage the decision-making processes to solve the community's strategic tasks based on the reliable information
  • Reduction of community's expenses for maintenance and storing of public IT infrastructure through the use of a single data source
  • Increasing residents loyalty through prompt solutions to their real needs and wishes

For residents and businesses:

  • Easy and quick receiving services by reducing the time for their ordering
  • Solving everyday issues before they arise by simulating and forecasting of the similar situations
  • Involving residents in the ter. community management, taking into account their activities and interest