MODULE URBIO™ Registry of Citizens


Module allows:

  • To register or withdraw from registration at the place of residence (stay) of a citizen, incl. using EDS (Electronic digital signature)
  • To conduct a personal card of a citizen with a history of changing places of residence as well as family ties and citizen's service in Army
  • To add UNR (The Unique record number in the Single state demographic registry) using ID-card
  • Automatically generate reports for State Migration Service, Central Election Commission, etc.
  • Integration with State Migration Service, The Central Election Commission, The Address register
  • Information about military service in The Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Keeping a record about workplace for: utility companies, Ministry of Social Policy, Notary, State Fiscal Service, Courts
  • To provide access to the information in the registry to territorial communities councils, namely: notaries, association of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings, utility providers etc.

Advantages of the module

Легка інтеграція

Easy integration

This module is built on the principle of “interoperability”, which allows you to quickly and cost-effectively integrate with any systems

Service Rate

Automating the process of the registration or withdrawing from the registry, receiving certificates is a good basis for introducing e-services

Єдине вікно

Unified registration database

Simplified maintenance of the resident's e-card about the places of registration, stay and history of changes

Results of implementation:

For the authorities of the territorial community:

  • The complete and accurate registry of citizens
  • Easy and fast tool accounting registration of residents in accordance with the law
  • Convenient and fast tool for providing services related to the registration of territorial community residents
  • Technological tool for the exchange of data on residents with other structural units of the territorial community

For residents and businesses:

  • Easy and quick tool for receiving administrative services related to the registration