MODULE URBIO™ Registry of Architectural Monuments

  1. Cultural heritage monuments of national importance
  2. Cultural heritage monuments of local importance
  3. Recently discovered objects (monuments) of cultural heritage

Architectural Monuments


Module allows:

  • Maintain information on cultural heritage objects with reference to the map of the territorial community
  • Keep information about security contracts concluded with the owners of monuments
  • Maintain information about the issued permits for placing advertising on monuments
  • Maintain information on all identified violations of the law, which affected or could affect the state of the cultural heritage monument or other violations, with the possibility of adding photos

Advantages of the module

Легка інтеграція

Easy integration

This module is built on the principle of “interoperability”, which allows you to quickly and cost-effectively integrate with any systems

Service Rate

Automating the process of submitting appeals, processing them and providing results

Єдине вікно

Single base

Simplified maintenance of electronic card of a monument and operations with it

Results of implementation:

For the authorities of the territorial community:

  • Cataloging and automation of architectural monuments accounting
  • Improved manageability and supervision of cultural heritage objects and prevention of unlawful actions and public outrage

For residents and businesses:

  • Determination of the status of the object as architectural monument
  • Raising awareness of the community and guests of the city regarding the architectural monuments