MODULE URBIO™ Citizen Personal Area



Module allows:

  • Receive selected content, use administrative, educational, medical and other online services, pay bills for utilities, transport, and other services, use services of information systems of the city (appeals, petitions, community projects, etc.)
  • Pay online for goods and services
  • View the history of the orders and track the statuses of its implementation at each stage
  • Easy logging with using EDS, BankID or social networks accounts



Advantages of the module

Легка інтеграція

Easy integration

Easy integration This module is built on the principle of “interoperability”, which allows you to quickly connect to the new e-services.

Єдине вікно

Single Point of Contact

The module provides a single point of contact for ordering and receiving e-services by citizens.

Розумний контент

Smart content

The module displays specialized content to residents, depending on their preferences.

Results of implementation:

For the authorities of the territorial community:

  • Providing residents with a convenient tool of
    receiving e-services
  • Providing residents with a convenient tool
    of communicating with the authorities
  • Getting a tool for informing residents about the initiatives and activities of authorities

For residents and businesses:

  • Getting a convenient and unified interface for working with electronic services (administrative, educational, medical, transport, informative, financial)
  • Getting the required and interesting content