MODULE URBIO™ System of ​Municipal Assets

  • Streamlining of the accounting of municipal property objects and data.


Module allows:

  • Accounting for all types of communal property objects with reference to the city map, rental objects and their tenants
  • Accounting for the objects regarding to the privatization processes
  • Storing and checking the property valuation reports
  • Keeping data on the corporate rights of the territorial community in the property of business entities
  • Monitoring the current state of the communal property exploitation
  • Accounting of court cases and enforcement proceedings regarding the communal property

Advantages of the module

High-quality systematization and accounting of communal property

Increasing the loyalty of citizens through the transparency and efficiency of communal property management

Good management of rental and privatization processes, documentation

The investor-friendly module, allowing to fill the community budget

Results of implementation:

For the authorities of the territorial community:

  • Systematization of municipal property
  • Improving the manageability of the processes of renting, privatization and increasing the efficiency of using the property of the community and filling the budget
  • Increasing the loyalty of the company through the application of principles of transparency in the communal property management

For residents and businesses:

  • Access to public information regarding community property and city infrastructure
  • Opportunity to learn about the objects of rent, investment, etc.
  • E-services: submitting applications, receiving certificates