MODULE URBIO™ Urbio e-Advertising

The automated system is designed to record and manage advertising objects of the city. The system includes an open API for data exchange between various departments of the city and users – advertising operators.


Program allows:

  • Reduce the load on utility structures
  • Keep records of permits and applications for placement of advertising constructions
  • Disposal of the requests without the proper documents

Advantages of the module

Єдине вікно

Streamlined documentation

Applications, permits, decisions, inspection are all in one database

Effective control

Automation of workflow and orderliness of actions between the departments


Society and business have access to the information about objects

Results of implementation:

For the authorities of the territorial community:

  • Automation and management of accounting for advertising mediums
  • Improving the manageability and timeliness of paying the bills
  • Increased control over the filling of the budget

For residents and businesses:

  • Simplification of obtaining permits