IT-tools for the Smart Communities

The Center for Innovations Development with the support of the U-LEAD Europe Program, organized and implemented the project “E-solutions for communities”.

The goal of the project is to help the communities to work with data: budget, demographic, economic, etc., in order to move from manual control to the use of modern technologies.

300 communities from 23 regions of Ukraine applied for the competition. Cherkasy, Zaporizhia and Sumy regions were the leaders in filing applications. However, about 60 community’s representatives from all over Ukraine were able to reach the final by completing their homework and publicly presenting Individual Implementation Plans and regional clusters. Half of them will be able to implement IT management tools in their regions, namely: registers of citizens, property, address register, budget planning services, tools for working with investors, etc.

One of the developers of such tools and the main IT expert of the project is FDI company, that specializes in implementing Smart City products, based on the unified automated platform URBIO ™. Ukrainian communities have the opportunity to translate all data into an electronic unified form and put them in the necessary registers: territorial communities, communal property, register of addresses, etc.

“If we discard ideological issues when communities want to implement Smart City, but there is no concept, then there remain technological obstacles: lack of integration between IT solutions, lack of uniform registries. As a result, we have a patchwork automation: repeated input and duplication of data, old , changed business processes, the high cost of system support, the inability to obtain consolidated and reliable information throughout the territorial community.

The IT tools that we have developed for the communities will allow them to analyze the data, understand what decisions are important to make today: if the registry shows that the birth rate has increased in this area of ​​the city, then obviously you should think about building a kindergarten, because after three years it will be too late. Today, our IT solutions are already being used in Kyiv, Odessa and Cherkassy, ​​”says FDI CEO Nikolai Kozlov.