FDI provides the URBIO platform for 30 territorial communities

FDI together with the Innovation Development Center under the “U-LEAD with Europe” project, provides the URBIO platform for thirty united territorial communities.

Communities will be able to use the utility property accounting programs – “URBIO System of Municipal Assets”, address accountant – “URBIO Central Address Space”, and the “Registry of Citizens” software.  With their help, the residents of the communities will be able to audit the communal property and increase the efficiency of the management of community’s property.

On November 14, a presentation of the URBIO platform was held in Kyiv for more than 200 participants of the “E-Solutions for Communities” forum. URBIO caused great interest among communities representatives. The platform opens up new possibilities in the use and application of various registers of property, addresses, citizens, enterprises in combination with the possibility of using electronic signatures. This enables automation and acceleration of many bureaucratic processes existing today. Automation and software solutions will help us beat corruption and bureaucracy faster than law enforcement agencies.